Film submissions are open for 2020!

Global Culture

Films in this category are meant to teach or enlighten the audience on aspects of culture that may be unfamiliar to them. This category is loosely defined and may include ideas such as varying ethnic lifestyles, traditions, beliefs, issues related to specific geographic regions, and so on. We hope to introduce new perspectives to our viewers so that we may ultimately create a stronger understanding for one another and increase harmony throughout our world.


The environment is pivotal in preserving our human race and our festival makes this a strong focus every year. Because environmental issues vary so greatly, we are looking for films that highlight many perspectives. Environmental films can focus on concerns/problems, success stories, ideas for sustainability and prosperity, or even branch off into the environment’s relation to ecology, health or human rights.


Bob Marley was right in describing one world with one love, but sometimes we forget we’re all unified. This category is meant to share experiences and travels people have had across the universe so that our audience can also embrace such journeys. We want to be a part of your road trip to Kansas, your volunteer work in Zimbabwe and anywhere else you’ve explored.

Thank you for your interest!


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